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Word 2003: Macro
Course Code: AD528

Recording Simple Macros
Recording a text Macro
Running a Macro
Recording a command Macro
Saving a Macro

Recording special purpose macros/
Revising Macro instructions

Creating a Word table
Displaying Macro instructions
Editing and copying Macro instructions

Using Visual Basic to write Macros
Creating a new procedure in the VB editor
Writing a Simple Macro

Creating Interactive Macros
Displaying a Data Prompt
Using a Conditional statement
Using a Control Loop
Additional Control statement
Creating Custom Template Macros
Creating a new Template
Creating an AutoNew Macro

Creating a custom Macro toolbar
Creating a new toolbar
Adding a Macro button to the toolbar

Creating a custom Macro menu
Creating a new menu
Adding a Macro item to a menu

Using the Visual Basic Help system
Displaying Visual Basic help information
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Record a Macro.
  • Run a and save a Macro.
  • Record a macro to set up a custom document layout and Word table.
  • Display and edit macro instructions.
  • Use Visual Basic to write a macro.
  • Display a date prompt, use a conditional statement and a control loop in a macro.
  • Use the dialog editor and dialog boxes to produce a document.
  • Create automated macros.
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