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Excel 2003: Macro
Course Code: AD532

Recording Simple Macros
Recording and running a Personal Macro
Displaying Macro Instructions
Editing a Macro
Using Absolute and Relative references

Creating and using Workbook Macros
Recording and running a Workbook Macro
Adding a Macro button to a worksheet

Using Visual Basic to write Macros
Opening a new Module in the VB editor
Displaying a Data Prompt
Using a Conditional statement
Using a Control loop in a Macro
Additional Control statements
Placing Controls on a Worksheet
Placing a Combo box list and Check box on a Worksheeet/Linking a Control to data

Creating a Macro toolbar
Creating a new toolbar
Adding a Macro button to the toolbar
Assigning a Macro to a toolbar

Creating a Macro menu
Creating a new menu
Adding a Macro item to a Menu/Assigning a Macro to a menu item

Using the Visual Basic Help system
Displaying Visual Basic help information
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Record, Edit and Run a Personal and Workbook Macro.
  • Use an Absolute and Relative reference in Macros.
  • Create a Macro toolbar and add a Macro button to a worksheet.
  • Display Data Prompts
  • Use a Conditional statement and a Control loop in a macro
  • Place a Drop-Down list box and a Check box on a worksheet.
  • Use Visual Basic to write a macro.
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