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Access 2003: Advanced
Course Code: AD538

Advanced Table Design Techniques
Validating field entries
Creating a custom Input field

Advanced Form Techniques
Creating a Master detail Form
Adding a Picture and Date to a Form
Modifying Form properties

Advanced Filter and Query Techniques
Including multiple conditions in a Query
Creating Parameter and Action queries
Create an advanced Filter

Advanced Report Techniques
Creating a Master detail Report
Completing the Report
Add a Cover sheet to a Report
Modifying Report properties
Working with Macros and Modules
Creating and running a Macro
Creating a Command button Macro
Writing an Event procedure

Using Access Tools

Setting up Start Up options
Setting up a Database password
Creating a Replica
Using Database Splitter
Use Linked Manager
Encode and Decode a database

Additional Advanced Access Features
Creating a Many to Many Relationship
Creating a Switchboard
Exporting Access Data to an XML document
Saving an Access Database into a MDE file
Creating an Access Workgroup
Macro Security
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Create and Validate fields.
  • Create a Master detail Form.
  • Create a Master detail Report.
  • Create Queries and adjust as required.
  • Utilise special Queries including Action and Parameter.
  • Export Access data to an XML document.
  • Create a Database password.
  • Create and run a command button macro.
  • Learn how to use tools and additional advanced access features.
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