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Project 2003: Basic
Course Code: AD541

Getting started
Steps of Project management
Defining goals and requirements of a Project
Identifying potential problems
Identifying opportunities for reducing costs
Resolving Resource overallocation problems
Tracking and Reporting the Progress of a Project
Evaluating a completed Project
The Project application window

Building a Simple Project
The Project Guide
Entering a new Project Start date
Creating a Project Schedule
Inserting, deleting and reordering Tasks
Create a Milestone

Developing a Project plan (Part 1)
Outlining a Task list
Types of Task Relationships
Linking tasks using various Relationships
Changing the Timescale of a Gantt Chart
Addling Lag and Lead time between tasks
WBS Codes
Creating a Network Diagram
Developing a Project plan (Part 2)
Adding Resources to the Resource sheet
Assigning Resources to Tasks
Revising Resource information
Revising the Project Calendar
Working with Cost Rate tables
Creating Calendars
Contouring a Resource assignment

Developing a Project plan (Part 3)

Identifying Slack time in a project schedule
Identifying the Critical path of a Project
Constraining Tasks
Set Deadline Tasks
Defining a Fixed Duration and Fixed Task
Additional Project planning topics

Sharing data with other applications
Exporting to Excel
Importing information to Project
Copying a Project view to Microsoft Word

Additional Project Features
Using a Project Template
Creating a custom Template
Adding Text fields and Flag fields to a sheet view
Saving a Project as a Web page
Customising Project
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Using the Project Guide.
  • Create a Project schedule.
  • Outline a Task list.
  • Add Lag time and Lead time between Tasks.
  • Allocate Resources to Tasks.
  • Revise Resource information.
  • Share Project data with other applications.
  • Work with Cost Rate tables.
  • Identify the Critical Path of a Project.
  • Create a custom Project template.
  • Make further modifications to Projects and Tasks.
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