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Project 2003: Advanced
Course Code: AD542

Organising and Analysing Project information
Sorting and Grouping Project information
Creating a custom Group, Table, Filter and View
Applying Filters and Tables to Views

Tracking a Project (Part 1)
Saving a Baseline
Adding Progress Lines to a Gantt Chart
Comparing the Actual and Planned Progress of a Project
Update a Project Schedule
Scheduling Overtime work

Tracking a Project (Part 2)
Monitoring Resource allocation
Methods for resolving Resource Overallocation
Manual and automatic Task delaying
Display Earned Value Analysis
Communicating Project Information (Part 1)
View Calendar tasks using various methods
Enhancing the elements of a view
Modify options for Printout

Communicating Project Information (Part 2)

Printing and editing a pre-designed Report
Using a Report template

Working with Multiple Projects

Setting up a Consolidate project
Linking Tasks and identifying Critical paths of a Consolidated project
Using and Updating Resource Pools

Additional Microsoft Project Features
Recording and running a Macro
Using the Organizer
Create a custom Form
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Track a Project.
  • Analyse data through Earned Value.
  • Create and apply Filters for your Project.
  • Resolve Overallocation problems.
  • Sort and Group Project information.
  • Record and run a Macro.
  • Configure the Organizer.
  • Utilise Resource Pools.
  • Set Baselines.
  • Create Reports.
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