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Word 2007: Basic
Course Code: AD560

Getting started
The Word menu system
Using the Microsoft Office button
Using the Quick Access toolbar
Displaying help

Creating a Document
Resetting the working folder
Type, Save, Print and Close a file

Editing a Document
Insert the Date and Time
Moving the insertion point
Inserting and Deleting text
Copy and Move text
Reversing an edit operation
Find and Replace text
Change the Zoom level

Additional Word Features
Using Word templates
Inserting Symbols and Special characters
Saving a document as a Web page
Using Reading Layout view
Use the Navigation pane
Printing an Envelope and Label
Using Word's Writing Tools
Spelling and Grammar checker
Using Thesaurus
Using Autocorrect
Define an Auto Text entry
Using the Translation dictionary

Formatting a Document
Applying attributes to text
Applying New Fonts and Font Sizes
Indenting Paragraphs
Format existing text
Apply multiple formats simultaneously
Resetting Margins
Setting and Clearing Tab Stops
Line Spacing and Alignment
Insert Page Breaks
Reset Page Orientation
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Use the Word menu system.
  • Create, save and print a document.
  • Changing the Zoom levels.
  • Insert and delete text.
  • Format text and fonts.
  • Set and clear tab stops.
  • Reset the document folder, margins, indents, line spacing and text alignment.
  • Reversing an edit operation
  • Use Word tools (Spell Checker, Thesaurus and Grammar checker)
  • Customising the Auto Correct dictionary
  • Using the Reading Layout.
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