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Excel 2007: Basic
Course Code: AD563

Getting started
Excel menus
Using the File tab
Using the Quick Access toolbar
Displaying help

Modifying an Existing Worksheet
Resetting the working folder
Moving the cell pointer
Changing data in a worksheet
Reversing an Edit operation
Saving a workbook
Adding data to a worksheet
Entering a Formula into a worksheet
Saving and printing a worksheet

Editing a Worksheet
Using the Autofill and Autosum features
Copying, Moving and Clearing cell entries
Inserting Cells, Rows and Columns
Working in Edit mode
Building a New Worksheet
Opening a new workbook and populating it with data
Using Spell Checker

Formatting a Worksheet
Realigning Cell entries
Changing the Font and Numeric format of cells
Adding Borders and Shading to a worksheet
Using the Autoformat feature

Enhancing Printed Output
Changing the Page Setup
Previewing a worksheet and printing a selected area
Inserting a manual Page Break and including Print Titles in a printout

Using Excel Functions
Using the Sum, Average, Max, Min and Count functions
Using the Insert function button
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Use the Excel menu system.
  • Open, Close and Print a spreadsheet.
  • Enter Formulas into worksheets.
  • Use Task panes.
  • Adjust column width and row height.
  • Automatically compute totals and fill ranges.
  • Insert columns and rows.
  • Realign cell entries.
  • Change the font and numeric format
  • Include print titles on every page of a layout
  • Use Excel functions
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