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Excel 2007: Intermediate
Course Code: AD564

Intermediate Editing and Formatting Techniques
Finding and Replacing worksheet entries
Creating and applying a Style
Using Alignment options
Using Paste Special options

Using Absolute Cell References
Entering Absolute references in a Formula

Using Financial Functions
Using PMT and FV functions

Using Logical Functions
Using the IF function
Using the Nested IF function

Using Date/Time functions
Use the Date and Now functions

Creating a Chart
Plotting, modifying and enhancing a Chart
Previewing and printing a Chart
Plot a non-contiguous data range in a Chart
Linking Worksheets within a Workbook
Entering a Formula to link related worksheets
Formatting multiple worksheets
Printing and previewing multiple sheets of a workbook
Inserting and deleting worksheets

Controlling the Worksheet Display
Splitting and Freezing the worksheet window
Hiding rows and columns
Opening and arranging a New Workbook window
Changing the Zoom level

Working with Lists
Filtering and Sorting records of a List
Specify a Criteria Range in a Filter operation

Additional Intermediate Excel Features
Insert Hyperlinks and Comments
Applying a background to a worksheet
Using the Research feature
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Use Excel templates.
  • Save Excel worksheets as a Web page.
  • Use PMT, FV, IF, DATE and Now functions.
  • Plot, modify and enhance a basic chart.
  • Use Absolute references.
  • Split the workbook window and freeze panes.
  • Work with lists.
  • Arranging workbooks.
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