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Introduction to Computers Windows 7
Course Code: AD600

Getting started
Basic Mouse techniques
The Windows 7 Desktop
Moving and Resizing a Window
Playing an Audio CD
Using Windows 7 Paint
Selecting commands in Windows

Word Processing
Word Menu System
Microsoft Office button and Quick Access Toolbar
Entering and Modifying Text
Saving, Printing and Closing documents
Copy and Paste

General Computer Information
Software and the different types
Understanding Basic Hardware Components
Names of Computer parts
More Windows 7
Creating a Folder
Windows Explorer and Control Panel
Copying, Deleting and Renaming files
Finding files
Installing a CD application

Exploring the World Wide Web
Electronic Mail
Shopping Online
File Extensions

Software and Hardware Basics
Understanding computer components
Software types

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Computer terminology.
  • Computer parts, functions and capabilities.
  • Keyboard and mouse skills.
  • Windows basics.
  • Basic Word processing.
  • Windows 7 accessories programs
  • Basic printer operations
  • Computer peripherals
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