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Word 2010: Intermediate
Course Code: AD604

Intermediate Editing and Formatting Techniques
Finding and Replacing specific text
Use the Navigation pane to find text
Adjusting character spacing
Revealing and clearing formatting in a document
Creating a multiple section document
Entering hidden text into a document

Setting up a Table
Creating and formatting a table
Inserting rows and columns
Converting text to a table
Using table styles

Setting up Multiple Column documents
Creating Parallel columns
Creating and restructuring Newspaper columns

Working with Charts and Diagrams
Inserting a Chart into a document
Modifying a Chart
Inserting a Diagram into a document

Using Styles
Applying and modifying Styles
Setting up Outline documents
Working in Outline view

Producing a Report
Adding Headers, Footers, Page Numbers, Borders and shading to documents
Printing specific pages of a document

Collaborating with other Word users
Tracking changes
Inserting Comments
Responding to changes and comments
Merging revised copies
Distributing a document via email

Additional intermediate Word features
Comparing and merging documents
Linking external data to a Word document
Inserting comments into a document
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Use find and replace.
  • Use the Navigation pane.
  • Create and format a table.
  • Create newspaper columns.
  • Apply effect options to text.
  • Create and use templates.
  • Work in Outline view.
  • Insert an artistic text block into a document.
  • Compare and Merge documents.
  • Insert a picture and use artistic effects.
  • Track changes to documents.
  • Merge revised copies.
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