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Access 2010: Intermediate
Course Code: AD613

Modifying the Design of a Table
Specifying a Required Field/Defining a Default field
Setting a Primary Key
Adding a Memo field to a table

Working with Multiple Table
Displaying Multiple tables
Resizing and repositioning the table window

Relating Tables
Creating a relationship between two tables
Displaying and using a Subdatasheet

Working with a custom Form
Designing a custom Form
Using a custom Form to enter data
Adding a Header/Footer to a form
Intermediate Query Techniques
Extracting information from Multiple tables
Creating a Query to generate summary information
Creating a Crosstab Query
Create a query to find Unmatched records
Create a query to find Duplicate records

Intermediate Report Techniques

Creating a Report
Adding a Calculated Control to a Report

Additional Intermediate Access Features
Adding a Lookup field to a table
Defining an Input Mask for a field
Exporting an Access Datasheet to Excel
Viewing object dependencies
Using templates
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Define a default field value.
  • Specify and define field information.
  • Resize and reposition in the table window.
  • Work with multiple tables.
  • Design and use a custom Form.
  • Extract information from multiple Tables.
  • Create different types of Queries.
  • Export an Access object to an HTML file.
  • Create Reports with calculations.
  • Define Input Masks.
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