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Publisher 2010
Course Code: AD619

Getting started
The Publisher application window
Using a Menu
Using a Ribbon
Displaying help

Creating a Letterhead
Using the Letterhead template
Zooming into and out of a Publication
Resizing and repositioning a frame

Creating a Flyer
Using the Quick Publication Template
Inserting a Personal Information component
Use the Design Checker
Inserting a picture and group objects
Inserting a picture from Clip Art

Creating a Newsletter
Examining options in Page part
Inserting a Masthead and setting up columns
Inserting a Text file and creating a Drop Cap
Adding a new page to a publication
Working with Shapes
Drawing shapes
Rotating and flipping shapes

Setting up a Table/Using WordArt
Creating and formatting a text block
Creating an artistic text block
Inserting/Deleting rows or columns in a Table

Additional Publisher Features
Creating and applying a new style to text
Customising Publisher
Save a Publication to HTML
Examine options for Commercial printing

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Using Publisher wizards.
  • Using Picture, Table and Text frames.
  • Formatting text in Text frames.
  • Inserting WordArt and ClipArt.
  • Combining and grouping objects.
  • Inserting Mastheads and columns into a Publication.
  • Drawing and manipulating shapes.
  • Create Drop Caps.
  • Customising Publisher.
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