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Excel 2013: Basic
Course Code: AD644

Getting started
Excel menus
Using the File tab
Using the Quick Access toolbar
Customising a Ribbon
Displaying help

Modifying an Existing Worksheet
Resetting the working folder
Moving the cell pointer
Changing data in a worksheet
Reversing an Edit operation
Saving a workbook
Adding data to a worksheet
Entering a Formula into a worksheet
Saving and printing a worksheet

Editing a Worksheet
Using the Autofill and Autosum features
Copying, Moving and Clearing cell entries
Inserting Cells, Rows and Columns
Working in Edit mode
Building a New Worksheet
Opening a new workbook and populating it with data
Using Spell Checker

Formatting a Worksheet
Realigning Cell entries
Changing the Font and Numeric format of cells
Adding Borders and Shading to a worksheet
Using the Autoformat feature

Enhancing Printed Output
Changing the Page Setup
Previewing a worksheet and printing a selected area
Inserting a manual Page Break and including Print Titles in a printout

Using Excel Functions
Using the Sum, Average, Max, Min and Count functions
Using the Insert function button
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Use the Excel menu system.
  • Open, Close and Print a spreadsheet.
  • Enter Formulas into worksheets.
  • Use Task panes.
  • Adjust column width and row height.
  • Automatically compute totals and fill ranges.
  • Insert columns and rows.
  • Realign cell entries.
  • Change the font and numeric format
  • Include print titles on every page of a printout
  • Use Excel functions
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