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PowerPoint 2013: Basic
Course Code: AD648

Getting started
The PowerPoint application window
Using the File tab
Using the Quick Access toolbar
Customising a Ribbon
Resetting the working folder
Displaying help

Creating Text Slides
Creating, Saving and Closing a Presentation
Adding and editing additional slides
Working in the Slides and Outline tab
Resetting the Line spacing of paragraphs on a slide

Using the Drawing Toolbar
Adding AutoShapes and AutoShapes with text
Moving Place holders
Printing slides

Creating Speaker Notes
Entering text on a Notes page
Adding a Header and Footer to Notes pages and Handouts
Using PowerPoint print options
Creating a PowerPoint Table
Adding and formatting a table

Using Clipart
Inserting a Clipart image into a slide
Adding a Text block

Using Design Templates
Applying a Template to a Presentation
Modifying a Master
Apply a Colour scheme
Adding a Footer

Producing a Slide Show
Run a Slide show and add Transition effect
Changing the order of slides

Additional PowerPoint Features
Using the AutoContent wizard
Using the Spell Checker
Using the Thesaurus
Resetting and Replacing Fonts in a Presentation
Base a new Presentation on a Template
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Use the PowerPoint Help system.
  • Create Slides and Edit.
  • Check the spelling in a Presentation.
  • Add an AutoShape with text to a slide.
  • Insert a Clipart image.
  • Apply a Design template.
  • Modify a Colour scheme.
  • Modify a Master.
  • Run a Slide show and add Transition effects.
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