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Access 2013: Basic
Course Code: AD650

Getting started
The Access application window
Using the File tab
Using the Quick Access toolbar
Examining Access objects
Resetting the Database folder
Displaying help

Setting up a New Database
Creating and Designing a new Database
Creating a new Table
Entering records in Datasheet view
Printing the Datasheet of a Table
Navigating through records in Datasheet view

Creating a Form/Modifying and manipulating data
Creating a Form
Switching between Form and Datasheet view
Entering records in Form view
Editing and deleting records in Datasheet view and Form view
Modifying the Datasheet view of a Table
Navigating through records in a Form
Displaying Selected Date
Creating and applying a Filter
Creating a Simple Query
Creating, running and modifying a Query
Numeric Conditions and Calculated fields

Creating a Report

Simple Tabular Reports and Grouped Reports
Modifying a Report

Additional Access Features
Compacting and Repairing a Database
Copying, renaming and deleting Database objects
Importing spreadsheet data
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Navigating records in Tables and Forms.
  • Create a new Database file, Table and Form.
  • Enter records in Form view.
  • Edit records in Datasheet view and Form view and modify Datasheet view.
  • Create a Simple Query.
  • Create, run and modify a Query.
  • Create and modify Tabular and Grouped Reports.
  • Compact and Repair a Database.
  • Copy, Rename and Delete database objects.
  • Import spreadsheet data into an Access table.
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