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Project 2013: Basic
Course Code: AD653

Getting started
Steps of Project management
Defining goals and requirements of a Project
Identifying potential problems
Identifying opportunities for reducing costs
Resolving Resource overallocation problems
Tracking and Reporting the Progress of a Project
Evaluating a completed Project
Using the File tab
Modifying the Quick Access toolbar
The Project application window

Building a Simple Project
Entering a new Project Start date
Creating a Project Schedule
Inserting, deleting and reordering Tasks
Create a Milestone

Developing a Project plan (Part 1)
Outlining a Task list
Types of Task Relationships
Linking tasks using various Relationships
Changing the Timescale of a Gantt Chart
Addling Lag and Lead time between tasks
WBS Codes
Creating a Network Diagram
Developing a Project plan (Part 2)
Adding Resources to the Resource sheet
Assigning Resources to Tasks
Revising Resource information
Revising the Project Calendar
Working with Cost Rate tables
Using Task Drivers
Creating Calendars
Contouring a Resource assignment

Developing a Project plan (Part 3)

Identifying Slack time in a project schedule
Identifying the Critical path of a Project
Constraining Tasks
Set Deadline Tasks
Defining a Fixed Duration and Fixed Task
Additional Project planning topics

Sharing data with other applications
Exporting to Excel
Importing information to Project
Copying a Project view to Microsoft Word

Additional Microsoft Project Features
Using a Project Template
Creating a custom Template
Adding Text field and flag fields to a Sheet view
Set a Reminder in Outlook
Customising Project
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Set reminders in Outlook.
  • Create a Project schedule.
  • Outline a Task list.
  • Add Lag time and Lead time between Tasks.
  • Allocate Resources to Tasks.
  • Revise Resource information.
  • Share Project data with other applications.
  • Work with Cost Rate tables.
  • Identify the Critical Path of a Project.
  • Create a custom Project template.
  • Make further modifications to Projects and Tasks.
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