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Dreamweaver CS3: Basic
Course Code: CT12-060

Getting started
Internet basics
The Dreamweaver workspace
Basic editing
Code tools

Web sites and pages
Creating a Web site
Creating pages

Text formatting
Text basics
Structural formatting
Cascading Style Sheets

Creating tables
Layout tables
Table structure and formatting
Column widths and cell properties
Creating links
Image maps
Link styles

Image formats and tags
Background images

Image formats and attributes
Working with images
Background images
Applying a background image

Site checks
Web site publishing
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Discuss basic Internet and HTML concepts, identify the components of the Dreamweaver CS3 workspace, edit and format text on an existing page, insertimages, preview pages in a browser, identify basic HTML tags, and perform basic tasks in Code view.
  • Plan and define a Web site, work with the Files panel and the Assets panel, create a Web page, import text from external files, and set page properties.
  • Convert line breaks to paragraph breaks, insert special characters, define a basic page structure, create and modify lists, create CSS style sheets, apply styles to text, and create class styles and pseudo-element styles.
  • Create tables and nested tables, format rows and cells, merge cells, add rows and columns to tables, set fixed and variable widths for tables and columns, change cell borders and padding, and create a layout table to arrange page content.
  • Choose appropriate image formats, insert images, modify image properties, insert and modify background images, and write effective alternate text.
  • Create links to other pages and resources, create named anchors and link to them, create e-mail links, create an image map, and apply CSS styles to link states.
  • Work with Map view, check file sizes and download times, check for broken links and orphaned files, cloak files, validate code, connect to a Web server with a secure FTP connection, and upload and update a Web site.
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