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Dreamweaver CS4: Advanced
Course Code: CT12-071

CSS layout
Overview of style sheets
Page layout

Site assets
Library assets
Server-side includes
Head elements

Building a form
Tab order
Validation input fields

Rollovers and behaviors

AP elements
Creating AP Divs
Working with AP Divs

Adding multimedia content

Working with XML
Using XML and XSLT
Working with XML data

Collaboration and reports
Site reports

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Identify the advantages of using CSS, the difference between internal and external style sheets, and the role of inheritance and specificity in style rendering; link a page to an external style sheet; define content sections with <div> tags and IDs; apply margins, padding, and border styles; and arrange content sections.
  • Create and update library items and snippets; create and edit server-side includes; create page templates and define editable regions and attributes; create a page from a template and apply a template to an existing page; create and edit <head> elements; and add keywords and descriptions to pages.
  • Create a form, add a variety of input fields, and apply accessibility features; set the tab order of form input fields; and validate form data by using Spry widgets.
  • Create rollover images; apply behaviors to page elements; and download Dreamweaver extensions.
  • Insert AP Divs by using the Draw AP Div tool; manipulate the position, size, and visibility of AP Divs; and control visibility dynamically.
  • Insert Flash and FlashPaper files into a Web page; and add Windows Media Player files and QuickTime files.
  • Convert an HTML page to an XSLT page; bind XML data to an XSLT page; create a repeat region in an XSLT page; create dynamic links; and attach an XSLT page to an XML document.
  • Use Check In and Check Out to ensure file integrity; attach notes to files to inform team members; validate site code; identify and fix errors; and identify and fix accessibility problems.
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