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Dreamweaver CS6: Advanced
Course Code: CT12-085

Designing with CSS
CSS styles and starter layouts
Working with page layouts and styles

AP Divs and Responsive layouts
Creating AP Divs
Working with AP Divs
Creating a responsive layouts

Site assets and templates
Using Library assets and snippets

Behaviours, navigation and tables
Content navigation

Building a form 2
Validation input fields

Working with XML
Using XML and XSLT
Working with XML data

jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap
jQuery Mobile
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Use CSS and Div tags to layout a web page; define sections with Div tags; control spacing by modifying the Box model in CSS; and view space in Inspect mode.
  • Use absolutely positioned elements; Modify AP Div tag properties; and create fluid grid layouts.
  • Create, insert, and update library items; create and apply snippets; create a template and define editable regions and attributes; create a page from a template; and apply a template to an existing page.
  • Apply behaviours to page elements; use a Spry widget to create a content navigation system; and create and modify tables.
  • Create a form; add a variety of input fields; apply accessibility features; and validate form data by using Spry widgets.
  • Convert an HTML page to an XSLT file; bind XML data to an XSLT file; create a repeat region in an XSLT file; create dynamic links; and attach an XSLT page to an XML document.
  • Start creating a web application from a sample page; and use PhoneGap Build to start creating native mobile apps.
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