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Fireworks CS3: Basic
Course Code: CT12-160

The Fireworks environment
Document navigation
Fireworks Help

Vector shapes
New documents
Creating shapes
Manipulating shapes

Adding text
Using text effects
Applying color
Fill options
Stroke options
Bitmap images
Importing bitmap images
Editing bitmap images

Graphics for the Web
Exporting graphics
Working with sliced graphics
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Identify components of the Fireworks CS3 environment; use views to change how objects appear; navigate in a document; zoom in and out of graphics; and use the Fireworks Help system.
  • Create and save documents; create vector shapes; adjust shapes precisely; create and adjust auto shapes; duplicate and merge shapes; change the stacking order of shapes; and group, scale, rotate, align, and distribute shapes.
  • Resize and trim a graphic; apply colors by using swatches, the Paint Bucket tool, and the Eyedropper tool; create custom colors and add swatches to the Swatches panel; apply a gradient fill and a pattern fill; control transparency; and set stroke attributes.
  • Import bitmap images into a document; select sections of a bitmap image by using the Oval Marquee, Magic Wand, and Lasso tools; fine-tune an image by using the Pencil and Replace Color tools; apply filters; and crop a graphic.
  • Create text; import text from an external document; format text blocks; apply fill and stroke attributes to text; attach text to a path; and convert text to paths.
  • Change image size; apply predefined optimization settings; export a graphic; slice a graphic into individual sections and optimize slices; manually remove colors from a GIF color palette; and export a sliced graphic.
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