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Fireworks CS3: Advanced
Course Code: CT12-161

Complex shapes and paths
Freeform drawing
The Pen tool

Layering and blending
The grid
Masking and blending modes

Effects and image adjustments
Graphic symbols
Adjusting images
Retouching images
Interactive graphics
Rollover effects
Pop-up menus
Image maps
Frame-by-frame animation
Automated animation
Exporting animations

Efficiency boosters
The Find panel
The History panel
Custom keyboard shortcuts
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Create and edit freeform vector drawings by using the Vector Path, Redraw Path, Freeform, and Reshape Area tools; create vector paths by using the Pen tool; adjust anchor point handles; and add anchor points to paths.
  • Create, hide, lock, and duplicate layers; create sub layers; change the stacking order of layers; set up a grid and align items to it; create vector and bitmap masks; manipulate masked items and mask objects; and blend items with underlying content.
  • Apply and create styles; create a graphic symbol and update instances of a graphic symbol universally; adjust contrast in images by using levels; sharpen images and fine-tune tonal ranges with curves; remove red eye from a photo; and alter a bitmap image by using the Rubber Stamp tool.
  • Create button symbols, add button states to create basic rollovers, and edit button instances; create polygon slices; add behaviors to rollovers by using the Behaviors panel; create disjoint rollovers; create and format pop-up menu entries; and update styles directly in a style sheet.
  • Create animations by opening multiple files as frames and by creating and editing multiple frames; automate animation by creating animation symbols, tweening graphic symbols, and applying onion skinning; and export an animation to the animated GIF format.
  • Use the Find panel to find and replace a color; replay steps in the History panel; create commands; use batch processing to perform an action on a group of files; and create custom keyboard shortcuts.
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