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Flash CS3: Basic
Course Code: CT12-260

Getting started
Flash overview
The Flash interface
Getting help

Basic objects
New file settings
Library items
Using text
Basic shapes
Freeform drawing and editing

Formatting objects
Custom colors and gradients
Soft edges

Using the Timeline Layers
Timeline basics
Timeline animation and interactive buttons
Frame-by-frame animation
Motion tweening
Movie clip animation
Interactive buttons

Publishing your applications

Interactive components
ActionScript fundamentals
Scripting sound control

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Identify the capabilities of Flash CS3 and the files it generates; identify components of the Flash CS3 environment; and use the Help window.
  • Create a file from a template; set Stage properties; import images; create text blocks, drawing objects, and shapes; apply fills and strokes; transform shapes; combine objects and shapes; and create and modify freeform shapes.
  • Create, name, and manage layers; identify components of the Timeline; create frames, keyframes, and blank keyframes; and control the duration of a Flash application.
  • Create custom colors and gradients; save custom swatches; and apply transparency, filters, and the Soften Fill Edges command.
  • Create frame-by-frame and motion tween animations; control the acceleration and deceleration of a tweened animation; apply color effects; create a movie clip animation; create static buttons and rollover buttons; and attach audio to buttons.
  • Create content that?s accessible to screen readers; optimize and test a Flash application; and publish a Flash application as a SWF file and insert it into a Web page.
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