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Flash CS3: Advanced
Course Code: CT12-261

Vector illustration
Creating vector paths
Editing vector paths
Using mask layers

Advanced timeline animation
Timeline effects
Animated masks
Motion paths
Shape tweens
Filter animation

ActionScript animation
Programming principles
Continuous motion
Modular code
Form components
Component scripts
Component styles
Dynamic content basics

Flash video basics
Video in Flash files

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Create vector paths by using the Pen tool, modify vector paths, and use paths to create mask layers.
  • Add timeline effects to create transitions and animation, animate masks to selectively hide moving areas, add a motion path to move objects along curves, apply shape tweening to morph one shape into another, and apply custom easing to control acceleration and deceleration of multiple animation properties.
  • Adjust movie clip properties with ActionScript, make a movie clip move in response to a button click, and convert code created for a specific movie clip to modular code that can act on any movie clip.
  • Add form components such as CheckBoxes, RadioButtons, and text input boxes to allow users to enter data, write form validation scripts to ensure that users enter appropriate data, use ActionScript to style components, customize a theme, create global and class styles, and apply dynamic content via components.
  • Use the Flash Video Encoder application to convert DV content, import a video file into Flash, adjust component parameters, and create code to respond to cue points.
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