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Flash CS6: Advanced
Course Code: CT12-286

Planning and managing Flash projects
Flash platforms
Flash projects
Working with the Flash library

Introduction to ActionScript
ActionScript language fundamentals
Object oriented programming

Content and Libraries
Working with text
Loading external content
ActionScript libraries
Adding video and audio
Adding video and interactivity
Adding and synchronizing audio

Testing and publishing
Debugging Flash applications
Testing mobile applications
Assessing and simulating performance
Publishing to Adobe AIR
Publishing to HTML5

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Understand the different platforms, Flash video codecs, and Adobe native extensions; understand Flash projects and work with the Flash library.
  • Use ActionScript to control a movie clips properties and make a movie clip move in response to a button click; create a Document class and extend the MovieClip class Work with text, load external content, and work with ActionScript libraries.
  • Add interactivity on the timeline and insert a video into an application, and add and synchronize audio.
  • Debug Flash applications, test mobile content, assess and simulate performance, publish to Adobe AIR, and publish to HTML5.
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