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Photoshop CS6: Basic
Course Code: CT12-499

Getting started
File types
The Photoshop environment
Tool options and presets

Image selections
Selection techniques
Modifying selections

Creating layers
Transform controls
Using type layers
Creating paragraph styles

Basic image adjustments
Levels adjustments
Curves adjustments
Repairing and retouching images
Repairing image defects
Retouching images
Removing image areas
Using filters
Resizing images
Image resolution
Image canvas size

Managing files with Adobe Bridge
Browsing files in Adobe Bridge
Working with metadata
Organizing collections
Outputting projects

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Understand different file types used in Photoshop and save files, customize the Photoshop environment, magnify and scroll images, set up rulers and guides, specify tool options, and create and export tool presets.
  • Use several selection tools to select image areas; and modify and manipulate selections.
  • Create, arrange, and transform layers; create type layers; and use opacity and layer styles to apply effects to layer contents.
  • Add adjustment layers, apply automatic adjustments, locate image shadows and highlights, set target points in a Levels adjustment layer, and use a Curves adjustment layer to adjust image contrast.
  • Repair image defects, retouch images, erase complex background areas and use Content-Aware Fill, paint in an image, and apply filters to a layer or selection.
  • Determine an images resolution and dimensions, resize images with and without resampling, and use the Crop tool and the Canvas Size command to change an images canvas size.
  • Use Adobe Bridge to import files, navigate your computers folder structure, review files, view and modify file metadata, create collections, and output files by creating PDFs and Web galleries.
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