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Photoshop CS6: Advanced
Course Code: CT12-500

Working with multiple layers
Layer groups
Blending modes
Smart Objects
Layer comps

Working with colour
Filling image areas
Gradients and overlays
Colour adjustments

Mask channels
Layer masks
Refine selections and masks
Vector shapes
Vector layers

Editing vector paths
Vector paths and type

Creative image effects
Black and white and duotone images
Smart Filters

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Group layers and clip layers, apply layer blending modes, use Smart Objects when creating a composite, and create and export layer comps.
  • Specify colours and store them in the Swatches panel, apply colours to image selections and as fill layers, apply fill types such as gradients, use overlay layer styles to apply colours and gradients to layer content, select colour in an image, adjust colour, colourize an image, create a spot-colour channel, and replace a colour in an image.
  • Paint in Quick Mask mode and in an alpha channel to specify a selection, create a layer mask to hide part of a layer, use grayscale masks to partially mask part of an image, and refine a selection by using the Refine Edge dialog box.
  • Understand how vector layers differ from raster layers and when you might use a vector layer, use the path tools and commands to create vector paths and shapes, edit vector paths, and use paths to apply creative effects to type.
  • Warp text and layers, use the Liquify filter to modify an images pixels, use the Black & White options to convert an image to grayscale, convert a grayscale image to a duotone, apply filters as Smart Filters, and mask Smart Filters.
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