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InDesign CS3: Basic
Course Code: CT12-570

Getting started
The Adobe InDesign environment
InDesign Help

Basic documents
New documents
Item Position
Custom colors

Structuring multi-page documents
Object positioning
Item position
Master pages
Text frame threading
Paragraph formatting

Modifying items
Text frame options
Grouped items

Finalizing documents
Outputting documents
Adobe Bridge
Preferences and defaults
Preparing for commercial printing

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Start Adobe InDesign, explore elements of the environment, and use InDesign Help.
  • Create a document, add basic elements to a layout, and position elements precisely by using guides and the Control panel.
  • Create a facing-pages document; create master pages; and apply master pages to a document.
  • Thread text between text frames, add jump lines, and adjust the number of columns in a text frame; use the Paragraph Formatting Controls to apply paragraph formatting; use Find/Change to replace formatting; and create and edit paragraph and character styles.
  • Position text in text frames and format frame borders; add Photoshop images to documents, adjust text wraps, modify graphics, and nest frames; group items and manipulate items within a group; and create layers and assign items to them.
  • Print documents, create print styles, and export documents to PDF; prepare documents for commercial printing; convert document files from other applications; and use Adobe Bridge.
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