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InDesign CS5: Advanced
Course Code: CT12-591

Efficient layout
Document setup
Tint and gradient swatches
Object libraries and snippets
Item spacing

Vector paths
Creating vector paths
Vector paths and pictures
Vector paths and type

Manual type resizing
Automated styles
Graphics in typography
Precise leading control
Composition, hyphenation, and justification
Horizontal spacing

Layer comps
Object styles
Transforming objects
Creating tables
Changing table structure
Formatting tables

Text editing
The Story Editor
The CS Review panel
Special characters
Column, frame, and page breaks

Long documents
Tables of contents
Indexes and cross-references

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Set up multiple-page spreads; create tint and gradient swatches; use object libraries and snippets; and evenly space and align items.
  • Create and edit vector paths; create and edit clipping paths; and wrap type on a path.
  • Manually resize type; use Quick Apply; create nested styles and GREP styles; create path-based text wraps and convert type to outlines; and precisely control leading, hyphenation, justification, and horizontal spacing.
  • Use layer comps in a placed PSD file; create lighting effects; adjust transparency; define and use object styles; and transform objects by using the Pathfinder panel and the Transform Again commands.
  • Create, modify, and format tables; import Microsoft Word documents and map Word styles to InDesign styles; add headers and footers to tables; merge table cells; add editorial notes; and create table styles.
  • Edit text and review tracked changes in the Story Editor; explore the CS Review panel; insert special characters; and create column, frame, and page breaks.
  • Create sections, dynamically changing running headers, tables of contents, cross-references, and indexes for a document; combine several documents into a book file for printing; and insert footnotes.
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