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Illustrator CS6: Basic
Course Code: CT12-688

Getting started
Exploring the workspace
Viewing artwork
Rulers, grids, guides, and crop marks

Drawing basics
Creating a document
Drawing shapes
Drawing lines

Transforming and combining objects
Selecting objects
Transforming objects
Combining objects
Creating layers

Working with Colour
Selecting colour
Using Swatches
Managing swatches
Working with Paths
Understanding points and paths
Drawing with the Pen tool
Drawing with the Pencil tool
Editing paths

Creating and formatting text
Selecting Text
Character formatting
Paragraph formatting
Character and paragraph styles

Painting with fills and strokes
Painting methods
Creating and using gradients
Working with Live Paint groups

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Start Illustrator and explore the Illustrator environment; magnify and navigate a document; and use rulers, the grid, and guides to align artwork.
  • Create and save a document, draw basic shapes, manipulate basic shapes, draw lines, arcs, spirals, and grids.
  • Select objects using a variety of tools, transform objects, group objects, and work with layers to organize complex artwork.
  • Select colour by mixing values and using predefined swatches, explore colour libraries, and add colour from artwork and documents to swatches.
  • Draw straight and curved line segments, create hand-drawn lines, and edit lines and paths.
  • Understand type containers, apply character and paragraph formats, and create and use character and paragraph styles.
  • Apply colour to fills and strokes, create customized line styles, make gradients that smoothly blend one colour into another, and use intuitive painting.
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