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QuarkXPress 7: Advanced
Course Code: CT12-761

Efficient layout
Document setup
Item spacing

Bézier paths
Working with Bézier paths
Bézier paths and type
Bézier paths and images

Manual text resizing
Graphics in typography
Precise leading control
Special characters
Horizontal spacing
Long documents
Sectioning documents

Working with color
Colors and blends

Job Jackets
Managing a project
Evaluating a layout
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Set up multiple-page spreads and position and size items precisely and efficiently, set tool preferences, create and use a library, evenly space and align items, create and insert a shared text entry, and share composition zones.
  • Create and edit Bézier paths, flow text along a Bézier path, create and edit clipping paths to hide unwanted portions of an image, and access clipping paths that are embedded in an image.
  • Manually resize text by using keyboard combinations and by dragging a text box, apply runaround for graphics, create a type mask, control leading, format special characters and apply typographic spaces, control the horizontal spacing of text, apply H&J specifications, adjust tracking and kerning, and edit a tracking table and a kerning table to apply to specific fonts and font variations.
  • Create document sections, combine multiple documents into a book, modify the page numbering of documents in a book, create and edit a list, and format a table of contents.
  • Apply spot colors, create color blends and multi-ink colors, and use the Measurements palette to control opacity and create drop shadows.
  • Create a Job Jacket to include settings from an existing layout, create a rule set, edit a Job Ticket template, and evaluate a layout by using the Evaluate Layout command.
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