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Acrobat X Professional: Advanced
Course Code: CT12-856

Generating high-quality PDFs
PDF generation methods
PDF file attributes
PDF settings
Geospatial datas

Managing color
Color management basics
Color management workflow
Soft proofing colors
Converting colors

Color separations
Color separation setup
Separations preview
Ink Manager
Transparency flattening
Printing color separations
Preflighting and validation
Print problems
Preflight profiles
Preflight reports
Preflight droplets
Validation and conversion

Interactive PDF forms
Forms and LiveCycle Designer
Creating a form
Form fields
Modifying a form
Testing a form

PDF distribution and management
PDF distribution
Form management

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Identify appropriate techniques for generating PDF files for prepress use; specify an appropriate default settings file for generating a PDF document; and create a custom settings file.
  • Discuss color management and apply color management preferences; choose an appropriate color management workflow; soft-proof colors to simulate printer output; and convert a file?s colors to a specific color space.
  • Adjust box sizes, apply printer?s marks, and fix hairlines; preview separations and display color warnings; control ink colors; apply trap settings and transparency flattening; and print color separations.
  • Identify potential problems that can occur in a print production workflow and potential printing problems; create and save a report detailing preflight results for a PDF document; create a preflight droplet for a specific preflight profile; and use the Preflight dialog box to determine whether a PDF document is PDF/X compliant.
  • Discuss PDF forms and customize the Adobe LiveCycle Designer environment; set Acrobat to automatically recognize form fields; create a form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer; add and modify form objects; and preview a form?s appearance and test its input fields.
  • Redact content; process a document; export a document; enable usage rights; distribute forms; and compile completed form data.
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