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Course Code: CT22-125

Network basics
Network concepts
Network architectures
The OSI model

Wired computer-to-computer connections
Wired network connections
Network interface cards and modems

Network-to-network connections
Network-to-network connection components
LAN wiring
LAN wiring tests

Wired internetworking devices
Basic internetworking devices
Specialized internetworking devices

Wired communication standards
The TCP/IP protocol suite
DHCP servers

Wireless networking
Wireless network devices
Wireless networking standards
Wireless configuration
Security threats and mitigation
Security threats
Threat mitigation

Security practices
Operating systems

Network access control
Public key cryptography
Remote access
Wireless security

Monitoring resources
Event Viewer

Troubleshooting basics
Troubleshooting the network
Troubleshooting scenarios
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Describe the basic components and characteristics of a network.
  • Identify network media.
  • Differentiate between various network architectures.
  • Describe the various network communication protocols.
  • Identify the function of various internetworking devices.
  • Differentiate between various wiring distribution components.
  • Control access to the network.
  • Identify common security threats and mitigation techniques.
  • Monitor network resources.
  • Troubleshoot the network.
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