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A+ Certification
Exam 220-801

Motherboards and expansion cards
Safety procedures
BIOS settings
Expansion cards

CPUs and power supplies
Power supplies

Memory and physical storage
Storage devices and media

Connection interfaces
Connectors and cables

Peripheral devices
Display devices
Peripheral devices

Imaging processes
Printer installation
Printer maintenance

Notebook hardware components
Notebook displays
Laptop features
Networking basics
Internet connection types
Network devices

The physical network
Network cable and connector types
Cable and connector properties
Networking tools 

Networking protocols
Ports and protocols

Wireless networking
Wireless networking standards
Wireless SOHO networking

Professional conduct
Communication and professionalism
Environmental issues
Incident response
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Describe motherboard components, configure BIOS settings, and install expansion cards.
  • Identify CPU socket and package type, and install power supplies.
  • Identify memory characteristics, and install and configure storage devices.
  • Identify and distinguish among connection interfaces, connectors, and cables.
  • Install and configure peripheral devices.
  • Install and configure printers.
  • Support and maintain notebook computers.
  • Explain basic networking principles.
  • Describe physical network components, and use basic networking tools.
  • Describe TCP/IP properties, and use TCP/IP port numbers.
  • Explain the basics of wireless networking, and install and configure a SOHO network.
  • Conduct themselves professionally, identify environmental issues, and respond to incidents using standard forensic techniques.
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