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Course Code: CT22-470

Linux introduction
Pre-installation tasks
Linux installation

Using Linux
Graphical user interfaces
Command-line Linux

File and directory management
Directory organization
File management
Removable storage

System administration
Users and groups
File and directory permissions
User environment configuration
GUI configuration

Application management
Packages and package managers
Source code software

System configuration
Disk management
File system management
Device management

Process and module management
Process management
Process priority and execution
Kernel modules

System maintenance
Backup and restore
Scheduling tasks
Performance monitoring
Networking basics
Network services
Domain name services

File sharing and printing
Network file resources

Network interoperability
Remote desktop access

System security
Network security

Web environment
Web services
MySQL services

FTP and e-mail services
FTP services
Mail services

Troubleshooting and maintenance
Booting Linux
Network troubleshooting
Scripting basics
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