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Quickbooks Part 2
Managing your Business

Cash Sales
Overview of Cash Sales
Creating Cash Sales and Cash Receipts
Creating and Working with Pending Sales

Overview of Invoicing
Creating an Invoice
Applying Sub totals and Discounts
Batch Printing

Accounts Receivable
Overview of accounts receivalbe
Receiving payments and applying them
Viewing customer status
Receiving payments and applying them
Viewing customer status

Making Payments
Overview of payments
Checking due payments
Creating Payroll accounts
Raising cheques

Overview of GST
Calculating GST liability
Paying Tax
Business Activity Statements
BAS debits and credits

After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Make Sales and Purchases.
  • Create Invoices in Quickbooks.
  • Enter and pay bills using Quickbooks.
  • Perform Bank Reconciliations.
  • Calculate your GST.
  • Prepare your BAS statement.
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