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Livecycle ES3
Course Code: livecyclees3

Navigating the layout
Insert/Delete a new page
Hierarchy palette
Accessing palettes and toolbars

Creating a LiveCycle document
Object Library
Applying a Tab Order
Repositioning fields
Additional Fields

Apply fonts
Border palette
Font/Paragraph palette
Form Calc and Java Scripts
Local scripts
Global scripts

Adobe Security
Document security
Extending Reader Options
Preview a live PDF

Distribute form for completion
Using LiveCycle for distribution
Using Adobe Writer for distribution
Form Tracking
After completing this course, students will know how to:
  • Navigate the LiveCycle layout, access help and view Adobe program structure through palettes.
  • Create and edit a LiveCycle document. Use various layout techniques. Insert a variety of fields from the Object library.
  • Apply fomatting options through palettes and standard font tools.
  • Apply scripts to a LiveCycle document. Understand the difference between local and global scripts and the benefits of both.
  • Distribute forms using a variety of options. Track forms that have been sent. Collect data and automate collation in Microsoft Excel.
  • Preview a live PDF.
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