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January 2019

Welcome to The Fourth R Newsletter


We're pleased to present you with the January issue of The Fourth R Newsletter. This edition looks at tips and tricks for Microsoft Windows 10.

Our article this month is the first part of a two part series that takes a look at Microsoft Office 2016.

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Office 2016 (Part 1)


The latest productivity suite offered by Microsoft is Office 2016. Is it worth the upgrade from Office 2010 and 2013? Or is it just another plug for more cash.

Microsoft wants you to get on the new way of thinking about its software: constantly updated, available in the cloud, and getting new features all the time.

Office 2016 is really designed to make sharing a lot easier across all your devices. Office is no longer restricted to your desktop PC or laptop. You can create an Office document from your PC and then edit it on your phone or tablet, and not have to worry about moving the file manually onto those devices. Never before has this been so seamless, and Office 2016 embraces the cloud fully.

The question is do you care about the cloud or solely new features. You should make your choice to switch based on this principle.

Next month we take a snapshot look at some of the new features in the Office 2016 suite of products.


Windows 10 (Part 1)


This month we take a look at three tips and tricks that you can use with Windows 10.

Tip 1 - Make the desktop more stylish

Windows 10 lets you personalise your desktop more thoroughly than before. Select Start > Settings > Personalization > Colors and choose Show color on taskbar and Start Menu. You can also tell it to automatically pick a colour from your wallpaper and apply it underneath icons of open apps. Another plus is that you can remove the Start Menuís translucent option.

Tip 2 - Print to PDF

You can finally print a document (or rather, save it) as PDF without using a third-party utility. This makes it much easier to save and distribute documents that arenít easily modified. Another long overdue feature makes it in under the radar.

Tip 3 - Make sure WiFi Sense is off

You may feel differently about this, but I certainly donít like the idea of allowing access to my WiFi network unless I specifically give out the password.


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