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January 2020

Welcome to The Fourth R Newsletter


We're pleased to present you with the January issue of The Fourth R Newsletter. This edition continues with the Windows three tip feature series.

Our article this month teases with a new inclusion in The Fourth R's product offering.

The Fourth R provides clients with a wide range of solutions including consulting, instructor-lead and Online courses. Vendors include Microsoft, Adobe, MYOB and more. Please call us or visit our website at for further information.


The Fourth R (New)


The Fourth R is reinventing itself with a massive new inclusion to its product offering. Keep an eye out for this area of the newsletter to see the big reveal.

Exciting New Changes coming Soon



Windows 8 (Part 1)


This month we take a look at three tips and tricks that you can use with Windows 8.

Tip 1 - Open from the lock screen

Windows 8 opens on its lock screen, which looks pretty but unfortunately displays no clues about what to do next.

It's all very straightforward, though. Just tap the space bar, spin the mouse wheel or swipe upwards on a touch screen to reveal a regular login screen with the user name you created during installation. Enter your password to begin.

Tip 2 - Use the quick access menu

Right-click in the bottom-left corner (or hold down the Windows key and press X) for a text-based menu that provides easy access to lots of useful applets and features: Device Manager, Control Panel, Explorer, the Search dialog and more.

Tip 3 - Find your applications

The Win+X menu is useful, but no substitute for the old Start menu as it doesn't provide access to your applications. Press Ctrl+Tab, click the arrow button at the bottom left of the Start Screen, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen and a list of your installed programs will appear.


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