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January 2021

Welcome to The Fourth R Newsletter


We're pleased to present you with the January issue of The Fourth R Newsletter. This edition continues with the Social Media series.

Our article this month revisits a product offering from a previous newsletter.

The Fourth R provides clients with a wide range of solutions including consulting, instructor-lead and Online courses. Vendors include Microsoft, Adobe, MYOB and more. Please call us or visit our website at for further information.


Adobe Interactive Forms


Ever wanted to email easy to use no hassle forms for your staff or clients to fill out?. Adobe Writer is your answer.

Adobe Writer is a recognized standard in todays electronic world for performance based media.

The Fourth R can provide you with the necessary tools to either create or assist in the creation of professional looking and fully interactive forms.

To view and download an example of an interactive form:

Click here.

If you are interested in learning more about Adobe interactive forms please email or call the  Fourth R on 1300 368 784


Adobe - InDesign (Part 1)


This month we take a look at three tips and tricks that you can use with Adobe InDesign.

Tip 1 - Make multiple objects the same size

Set the height and width of one object. Then select the remaining objects and choose Object> Transform Again> Transform Sequence

Tip 2 - Super Step & Repeat

Select an object, then Option-Shift (Mac) or Alt-Shift (PC) and drag the object to make a copy. Release the keys, but before you release the mouse, press either the right arrow or the up arrow to make additional copies between the existing objects. Then release the mouse.

Tip 3 - Live Corner Effects

Click the yellow square on the right side of any frame to activate Live Corners. Once activated, drag a yellow diamond to increase/decrease the corner effect. Opt/Alt-click the yellow diamond to cycle through the other corner styles. Opt/Alt-Shift-click to change just one corner.


  Fourth R Discount Offers
  January Discount

Save 10% discount for standard or solution based training purchased and paid by the end of January 2021. All training to be booked and completed by the end of February 2021 (vouchers excluded from this offer).


Please mention the code above at time of purchase to receive your discount.



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