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June 2019

Welcome to The Fourth R Newsletter


We're pleased to present you with the June issue of The Fourth R Newsletter. This edition continues with the Office generic features series.

Our article this month takes a look at the Fourth R's sister website. Improved navigation and downloadable student files are just some of the many benefits available.

The Fourth R provides clients with a wide range of solutions including consulting, instructor-lead and Online courses. Vendors include Microsoft, Adobe, MYOB and more. Please call us or visit our website at for further information.


Fourth R Sister Website


The Fourth R has a alternate website with improved functionality. Highlights of the website include downloadable student files, improved navigation, faster responsive design, restructured course outlines and a special offers section.

Click on the link below to view the new website:

Fourth R Alternate Website

The following screen shot is an image from the new website:



Generic Office - Tips (Part 4 of 4)


In part 4, we take a look at extending some of the features we have learnt in the generic office series.

Tip 1 - Adding the Developer Ribbon

Step 1, Open Microsoft Word
Step 2, Select File, Options, Customize Ribbon
Step 3, Click in the Developer box
Step 4, Click OK

This ribbon includes additional tools for your programs such as Macros.

Tip 2 - Hiding a Ribbon

Method 1, With Word open, double click on any tab (double click on the same tab to display again).

Method 2, Click on the Minimize/Expand arrow (Next to help in the top right corner of the window).

Tip 3 - Reposition the Quick Access Toolbar

Click on the arrow at the end of the Quick Access Toolbar and select "Show Below the Ribbon" (Repeat to show above the ribbon).

  • Next time we look at a new series of great tips.


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