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March 2013

Welcome to The Fourth R Newsletter


We're pleased to present you with the March issue of The Fourth R Newsletter. This edition features ten shortcuts for use with Windows and a special discount offer.

We extend last month's article to include another new edition from the Microsoft stable. Office 2013. Is this just mere rebadging? Or is there real benefit to the new Office suite of products?

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Microsoft Office 2013


Available as either a standalone package or part of the Office 365 suite (Cloud i.e. Internet based anywhere you go computing), Office 2013 offers a sleeker but not uncommon interface.

The ribbon that was introduced into Office 2007 still remains. For the most part, this version greatly reduces the frustration of re-learning where functions are placed (we are safe for at least another 2 - 3 years).

The new interface is dull in appearance. Gone are the aesthetically appealing gradient icons (replaced with single colour). Does it make the program less functional? No.

Impressive new features include Start Screens (provides a wealth of options at start up), Cloud integration with SkyDrive (for users that want to save their work online for anywhere access), Touchscreen accented features (the new Read Mode in Word lets you scroll with the swipe of a finger).

Notable features in the individual products include editing PDF's in Word without the need to convert to a docx/doc format. Formatting task panes in PowerPoint enables ease of use whilst Excel has a recommended chart features that reduces the confusion of options with charts.

The Fourth R will start rolling out training courses for Office 2013 in coming months. Click here to view the latest courses.



Shortcuts (Part 3 of 4)


In part 3 of this 4 part series, we look at 10+ generic shortcuts for Windows. Note: Windows (mentioned in the "keys to press" section) refers to the Windows symbol on your keyboard.

Shortcut Keys to press
Windows Explorer Windows + e
Desktop Windows + d or m
Search Windows + f
Run Windows + r
Help F1
Delete items permanently Shift + Delete
Quit Program Alt + F4
Lock Computer Windows + l
Switch Windows Alt + Tab
Start button (Mouseless) Ctrl + Esc or Windows

  • Next time we look at 10+ beneficial Office shortcuts.



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