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November 2019

Welcome to The Fourth R Newsletter


We're pleased to present you with the November issue of The Fourth R Newsletter. This edition continues with the Windows three tip feature series.

Our article this month revisits the Microsoft - Windows 10 operating system.

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Windows 10


The current Operating System (at the time of writing this article) from the Microsoft stable is Windows 10. This OS is what Windows 8 should have been.

Windows 10 is much more usable than Windows 8 or 8.1 and proudly offers a bundle of new features, including improved security, a new Internet browser, and the voice-activated intelligent assistant Cortana.

One of the nicest improvements is simply the Start menu. It brings back the traditional menu (pre Windows 8) and consolidates it with the live Tiles that we saw with Windows 8. Windows 7 and 8 users should be happy with this offering.

The biggest development in the Windows 10 story is that it may be completely free to upgrade. Microsoft made this announcement at its January event in Redmond (USA). The firm has said it will be available at no charge for the first year (although it may end up extending that) for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users. It will also be free if you're still running Windows 7.


Windows 7 (Part 1)


This month we take a look at three tips and tricks that you can use with Windows 7.

Tip 1 - Shake Your Desktop Free of Clutter

With Windows 7's "shake" feature, though, you can minimize every window except the one in which you're currently working -- in a single step. Click and hold the title bar of the window you want to keep on the desktop; while still holding the title bar, shake it quickly back and forth until all of the other windows minimize to the taskbar. Then let go. To make them return, shake the title bar again

You can accomplish the same thing by pressing the Window key-Home key combination -- although doing that is not nearly as much fun

Tip 2 - Rearrange Taskbar Icons

It's easy to rearrange the icons across the bottom of the screen -- simply drag an icon to reposition it. You can also add icons to the taskbar by dragging them from an application.

Tip 3 - See Taskbar Thumbnails Without a Mouse

If you're a fan of using the keyboard rather than your mouse whenever possible, you can move your cursor from icon to icon in the taskbar without a mouse -- and still see thumbnail previews. Press Windows key-T, and you'll move the focus to the leftmost icon on the taskbar. Then, while still pressing the Windows key, press T again to change the focus to the next icon to the right. You can keep doing this as long as you like.


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